Minutes of the third meeting of the


Tuesday 16 May - Geneva

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Opening and welcome (morning session at the United Nations)

Tim Peck, acting chairman, opened the meeting.
Kit Prins welcomed the participants.

Self-introduction of participants

Participants came from a wide variety of local and international organisations and included foresters working in the field.


The ECE/FAO section      Kit Prins

Kit gave a brief presentation on the background and the mission of the section:

- 2 intergovernmental bodies: UN/ECE Timber Committee and FAO European
- Forestry Commission
- a small secretariat
- a network of working parties, teams, workshops, etc.

- Monitoring and analysis of sustainable forest management in the region
- Forum for discussion (governments, industry, associations, experts, etc.)

Home page: http://www.unece.org/trade/timber

Temperate and Boreal Forest Resource Assessment 2000  Alex Korotkov

Alex presented the TBFR-2000 and Sustainable management of Forest Resources in

The main report "Forest Resources of Europe, CIS, North America, Australia, Japan and New Zealand" edited by the UN-ECE/FAO was distributed to participants. 

Alex' powerpoint presentation is attached ; any comments and proposals should be addressed to the TBFRA team and ECE/FAO Secretariat. 

Other ECE/FAO activities

Timber Section        Ed Pepke
see attached presentation

Ed Pepke, Forest products marketing specialist, presented the following activities of the Timber section: 

- Forest products market analysis programme
- Public relations in the forest and forest industry sector
- Certification of sustainable Forest management and certified forest product
- Special topic issues, e.g. storm damage
European Forest Sector Outlook studies     Volker Sasse
see attached presentation
Joint FAO/ECE/ILO Committee activities    Andrea Finger
         /Yves Kazemi
Andrea and Yves gave a presentation on the activities of the Team of Specialists on public participation in forestry. A report is being prepared in consultation with national experts: as soon as the green light is given, a synthesis will be made available to members of the Forum".


Lunch taken at the restaurant "La Bécassière" in Versoix.

Welcome by André Joly (Departement de l'intérieur, de l'agriculture, de l'environnement et de l'énergie Service des Forêts, de la protection de la nature et des Forêts) at the Hangar des Douves.

André Joly guided the participants on the visit to the Bois de Versoix. 
After the visit he gave a presentation on the use and management of the " Bois de Versoix". 

On behalf of all participants, Tim Peck thanked Chrystel Bijasson, André Joly and the Steering Committee.


The next meeting will be held on Friday 29 September 2000.
The FFL steering group met on Monday 26 June and made the following proposals for this meeting:

General theme: Private forests in France and Switzerland in the Lac Léman region.

Morning: presentations on :
1. Situation of French private owners
2. Situation of Swiss private owners
3. Response to the Lothar Hurricane in Switzerland. Creation of "Covalbois" cooperative

Lunch in Divonne (France).

1. Visit to Swiss and French private forests in Divonne/Crassier region
(Bernt Strehlke is making contacts with forests owners and "inspecteurs forestiers" in Switzerland and France to organise the morning agenda and afternoon visit.

2. FFL meeting : proposed agenda items:
a) election of new Chair
b) what is the value of FFL ? (Jean Combe)
c) proposal for FFL website

Minutes: C.Bijasson