Minutes of the first meeting of the



Wednesday June 2 1999

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1. Opening and welcome

Tim Peck, acting chairman, opened the meeting and welcomed the 30 participants (see attached list)
2. Self-introduction of participants

Participants came from a wide variety of local and international organisations and included foresters working in the field.
3. Rationale and objectives

Rodolphe Schlaepfer and Chris Elliott presented the rationale and proposed objectives of the FFL 

Motivations possibles (R. Schlaepfer):

· Il existe dans la région lémanique de nombreuses institutions, nationales et internationales, ayant des divisions s’occupant, au sens large du terme, de gestion durable des ressources forestières

· Il existe dans la région lémanique  de nombreuses personnalités s’intéressant de près ou de loin aux défis forestiers de nature internationale

· Ces personnalités n’ont en général pas beaucoup de contact entre elles

· Ces personnalités représentent une mine insuffisamment exploitée d’expertise forestière. 

· Cette expertise pourrait être mieux mise en valeur au profit de la gestion durable des forêts

Activités possibles (R. Schlaepfer):

· Séminaires interne de discussion et d’échange d’idées sur des thèmes actuels brisants

· Organisation de colloques internationaux sur des sujets d’actualité

· Soutien, participation ou conduite de projets techniques ou de recherche internationaux,

· Encouragement et participation à une formation universitaire postgrade, par exemple, un cours postgrade de foresterie internationale

Objectives (CH. Elliott):

- Facilitate contacts between foresters from different cultures and organizations
 in the Lac Léman area

-  Provide an opportunity to hear presentations of special interest

 - Organize study visits and field trips

-  Promote the exchange of information and opinions amongst these foresters.

4. Chris Elliott presented selected aspects of his doctoral dissertation on forest certification. A summary is attached.
5. General discussion

The idea of a Forum Forestier Lémanique was warmly welcomed and the wish was expressed, that this meeting should be followed up.

5.1 The following issues were raised concerning the scope and objectives:

· Take advantage of the multidimensional nature of the group, which is a comparative advantage of the FFL
· Integration of the ecological, economic and social considerations
· Extract from national cases models, which may have broader international application
· Use the international dimension of the group to inform local foresters
· Identify and work on specific issues, e.g. certification, agricultural subsidies, participation

5.2 The following activities were identified as suitable for the FFL:

· Exchange of information among participants using WEB sites and list servers
· Identify gaps and propose ideas, which could be followed up by others
· Exchanges between international and local foresters

5.3 LFF structure

Participants agreed that the structure of FFL should be as simple and informal as possible. Nevertheless, it was recognised that, in case FFL needs to manage money, a more formal structure would be needed. In consequence a modular development of the structure can be envisaged. It was also decided to create a steering group made up of: Jill Bowling, Jean Combe, Chris Elliott, Tim Peck, Kitt Prins and Rodolphe Schlaepfer. This steering group was asked to prepare the next meeting, including submission of concrete proposals for the future of FFL.

It was agreed that FFL should be open to French colleagues (Willem Pleines offered to propose names), representatives of industry, and broader participation of local foresters. The chairman invited all participants to propose names. It was also agreed not to interpret the geographical scope of the Lemanic region too narrowly.

5.4  It was agreed that one to two meeting per year is appropriate.

5.5  Next meeting

The next meeting will be held in principle in October.  Daniel Zimmermann proposed as theme “Forest Management Theory and Practice: the example of the Canton de Vaud” and Jean Combe offered to host the meeting in his forest in Vallorbe. These were welcomed and thanked by the chairman.

Lunch was offered by WWF International. Daniel Zimmermann and Sylvain Meier kindly guided the participants on the visit to Aubonne Arboretum.

Minutes: Chrystel Byjasson, Chris Elliott and Rodolphe Schlaepfer

- Summary of Chris Elliott presentation
- List of participants